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Big E commerce .com offers over 5,000 Internet and e-commerce related books and software at this website to help owners of websites with online shopping cart capabilities. Our mission is to provide you with products that empower you with knowledge and tools you need to succeed online with your webstore. If you are looking for an E-Commerce hosted solution, we suggest Bigcommerce:

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Why Focus On E-Commerce?

If yours is a successful brick and mortar business, why should you start selling online too? The reason why you must start selling your wares online now is to increase your company's marketshare worldwide, instead of limiting your exposure within approximately a five mile radius of your physical storefront. Electronic commerce is growing bigger with popularity of Internet and due to its ease of online shopping. It is no longer necessary for your customers to drive from store to store in traffic, or in bad weather that is getting more and more common apparently due to global warming. The mechanics of business is shifting to online space with advent of e-commerce stores that make it easy to find anything using just a few keystrokes instead of driving miles and walking down many store aisles hunting for that one specific product that one must have!

Lugging around a physical shopping cart is also more difficult than easily watching an online shopping cart in the top right hand corner of an e-commerce store. With secure socket layer encryption technology, customer credit card information is kept safe from prying eyes and online commerce merchants are more vigilant than ever, safeguarding customer identifiable information. Big E-commerce is therefore poised to take over real world shopping with all the right ingredients in place to make it much more faster, safer, easier, and more cost effective. E-commerce is big, really big - And it is going to get bigger due to reasons explained above. If your sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation is not fully tapping into this Internet consumer market, BigEcommerce believes that your company is seriously missing out on higher revenues and profits. Go Big, Go Worldwide!

Find Internet and e-commerce related products at this Big Ecommerce website, to help you with expanding the reach of your business deep into the world wide web.

After launch of your Webstore, how do you increase online sales?

Once you have your online store ready to accept orders, here are a few tips about marketing your website:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) uses keywords, website design, and coding such that it helps rank an e-commerce website higher up in the search results. This occurs over a substantial period of time (usually three to six months after implementation). Doing this, draws organic traffic (unpaid incoming visitors) to an ecommerce website. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a higher placement method that relies on paid ranking within organic search results. Such paid rank listings typically appear as top three results or within the right column of search result pages. This type of marketing instantly boosts traffic, giving companies even more presence within a negligible amount of time when compared to slower SEO methods.

Achieve higher conversion rate with pay-per-click advertising by targeting specific segments of clientele based on customer's characteristics (geographic, demographic, behavioral, and lifestyle segmentation). These characteristics usually determine the increased likelihood of a sale. For example, women are more likely to buy make-up products than men. Therefore, it makes more sense to target people with specific characteristics for advertising relevant products and services because those are the ones most likely to purchase. Furthermore, targeting includes promoting using product descriptions at comparison shopping sites, using the language that connects and speaks directly to your prospective clients.

Finding, following and re-marketing to consumers looking for the product or service that a business provides, reinforces its brand awareness and increases the chances of making a sale. Deliver advertisements throughout visitor's entire online shopping and/or surfing experience by re-targeting them after they search for, or visit an e-commerce website. This essentially helps increase awareness of existence of certain problem-solving products and/or services by inserting the knowledge of those products and/or services into the long term memory of the visitors.

Mobile Marketing
Mobile marketing is the latest extension of online marketing because that now allows businesses to target their potential customers on their mobile devices such as cell phones, laptops, and the newest tablets. Adding a mobile campaign reinforces a company's marketing message in an environment their potential clients use to research in order to make informed buying decisions. This makes sense more now than ever because more time is being spent online now using mobile devices than traditional desktop computers.

Social Networking
Social networking helps interact with potential clients (fans) and establish a social presence for your business. Extend your marketing campaigns to social networks because that will boost your company's brand awareness and relevancy to needs of your target audience (men, women, children, or all), and that engages general consumers in a fun and friendly environment. Furthermore, people are spending more time at social networking sites than ever before. This means that businesses must follow suit to promote their wares where they receive more exposure from casual social website visitors.

Email Marketing
Sell more to reach your sales objectives by sending promotional emails to your existing client base that has already ordered from you. Today, despite rules of privacy in place, email marketing (if done correctly) is an effective (and usually very efficient and inexpensive) way to send a personalized marketing message to the target audience. Whether a company is trying to build loyalty with existing customers or attempting to engage prospective new customers, email marketing is one-on-one communication with results that can easily be measured for ROI (return on investment). It must be noted that this type marketing must be done within the rules of law to prevent exorbitant fines. It is easy to build and maintain an email list of interested visitors and customers that wish to receive notifications of news and promotions.

At this Big Ecommerce site, we have compiled Internet industry's biggest offerings to help you achieve your eCommerce initiatives for your big e-commerce websites! We wish you all the best.

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